M. J. speaks on a variety of topics from beekeeping to raising a rescue dog to international missions. She infuses each message with humor and encouragement.

If you’re a dog-lover, a beekeeper, a Christ-follower or none of the above, her goal is to stir you to want to know more about our loving God using His fascinating creation to testify of His glory.

Whether it’s a large conference or a small intimate group in your living room, she will customize a workshop, keynote speech or educational session to fit your needs.


Here are Some of the Topics


The Wonderful World of Winged Workers/God’s Creation

M.J. lifts the lid on a hive for a humorous look at the amazing honey bee, one of the many fascinating creations of an Almighty God. You’ll learn about the inner workings of a hive and life cycle of the bee. As you see how the honey bee is a crucial part of the environment, you’ll also see how critical this small insect is to the quality of our life.


Is That Pollen on Your Legs?/Sharing the Gospel

Flowers bloom where they’re planted, but in order to multiply most of them need pollination. That why the bees are so important. As Christ-followers, we’re all called to multiply the Kingdom of God, so what does that look like? Is it pollen on your legs?


You Are What You Eat/A Spiritual “Diet”

Royal jelly is what makes a queen different from the rest of the bees in the hive. As Christ-followers, what we feed on and how often we feed ourselves spiritual food also determines whether or not we will look differently from the world.

Where’s Bailey’/Dealing with Loss

We’ve all experienced the loss of a loved one. M. J. reminds us God is still good even as we travel down the path of grief, death and eternal hope.


Did Someone Call for a Nurse?/ Discipleship

Baby bees are fed over 12,000 times a day. Spiritual maturity has nothing to do with how long you’ve been a Christ-follower. New believers need to be mentored. M.J. talks about the importance of discipleship so we all can grow to spiritual maturity.



We’ve all been stung. Some stings are more painful than others. M.J. talks about how our words can sting others and, in return, we can also be stung by those closest to us. She helps us deal with the pain of stinging words and also gives us some tools to keep from stinging others.


Sitting with the Bees/Hearing God’s Voice

We’ve all struggled at times to discern whether or not we’re hearing from God. M.J. shares stories and examples as she outlines some of the ways God speaks, what keeps us from hearing Him and how we can cultivate a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father.


Sweet Reward/Kingdom Living

There’s more to honey than meets the eye and there’s more to our daily walk as Christ-followers, too. Every message Jesus gave was about the Kingdom. M.J. helps us apply Kingdom principles in our lives today as we learn to live from a Kingdom perspective. it will change how you see yourself, your circumstances and the world around you.


The Suit/Spiritual Warfare

Smart beekeepers wear a suit. Smart Christ-followers do, too. M.J. gives us practical tools to deal effectively with the enemy. She uses humor to teach us that we’re already in a battle, so we may as well put on our armor and step out onto the field.


Bee Yourself/Your Identity in Christ

You’re precious in God’s eyes and you have value. M.J. encourages us to stop comparing ourselves to others and start celebrating who God made us to be.


Who’s Calling the Shots?/Being Led by the Spirit

The hive works like a well-oiled machine, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone in charge. M.J. explores the wonder of how the hive operates as she teaches us about the importance of being led by the Holy Spirit.

Unconditional Love/The Nature and Character of God

A dog’s nature is to demonstrate unconditional love to their masters. God’s love is unconditional, too. M. J. talks about God’s love for His children and how it demonstrates His own nature and character.


The Great Escape/Missions Adventures

M.J. has gathered countless stories from her many years as an international missionary with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). She includes those stories as she talks about the importance of missions in the church. We’re all missionaries, whether we pack our bags and head overseas or not.


Here’s What Audiences Have to Say


“Proverbs 16:24 tells us that “Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy for the body,” and anyone who attended the author signing for Life Lessons from the Hive, experienced that sweetness expressed by author M.J. Miller. A dynamic speaker and presenter, Miller is one who truly knows her craft and subject material. A meeting room abuzz with patrons gave their rapt attention as many facts and insights were conveyed by Miller from her book. “There is no leader, but they all have specific jobs to do – clearly pointing to a Creator,” was just one of the poignant truths brought out by Miller. Many “lessons” can be learned from the hive, and I appreciate how these are shared in a way that is not overwhelming but very comprehensive in Life Lessons from the Hive.”

— Christina Warinner, Special Services Librarian, Shelbyville-Bedford County Public LIbrary

“The ladies of the Tullahoma Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution are still commenting on how enjoyable M.J. Miller’s program was.  She shared such valuable and important information about the bee and its importance to our environment with knowledge and humor.  The way in which she connected the bee with religion gave a new insight to nature as a whole.  Because of her, I am planning a section of my garden this year to flowering plants which are known as “bee friendly” and I look forward to, like her, sitting nearby and observing their intricate interactions.”

— Dixie Hickey, Chapter Secretary & State Chairman for Chapter Achievement, Tennessee Society Daughters of the American Revolution


“M. J. Miller brought a whole new aspect to bees that most people may not have ever considered; how closely their behavior mimics humans and our thoughts on spirituality. What was intended to be a 45-minute program became much longer due to the great question and answer session after the presentation. Entertaining, fun, and very informative!”

— Lyle Russell, Tullahoma Parks and Recreation Program Manager for Lunch and Learn, Tullahoma, Tennessee


“I had several ladies comment, ‘best program we have had in a long time.’ The bee statistics and how M. J. taught lessons of God’s word observing the hive really caught my attention.”

— Sylvia Pinson, President, Volunteer Garden Club, Shelbyville, Tennessee


“What a Fashion Statement!”

M. J. Miller did an excellent job of comparing the fundamentals of the workings of a colony of honey bees to the fundamentals of Christian living. Her descriptions and analogies captivated the audience as bursts of laughter and austere agreement filled the Blue Ribbon Circle. She even modeled her bee suit. Several of the 250+ in attendance took the time to fill out the survey enclosed in the program. Some wrote these comments about Mary Jane:
“I’m glad I came,” said one attendee, “I Liked the bee keeper– missionary very much & got a lot out of her talk!”
Another attendee composed, “All speakers were great. Mary Jane was extra special”
And another guest wrote “Especially enjoyed Mary Jane Miller, the apiarist, and the Biblical truth tied to nature. As women in an agricultural area, it really hits home in our real life.”
Thank you, Mary Jane, Patty Dye Howell, and Catherine Daugherty for 3 very awe-inspiring messages! God bless you & the mission He has planned for you!

— Mary Ann Davis, Coordinator, Christian Women’s Conference of Middle Tennessee