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M. J. Miller

Hi. I’m M. J. Miller, author of Life Lessons from the Hive and Life Lessons from a Rescue Dog. I’m a lover of God and an observer of life in and beyond the hive. So, what can I say that you haven’t already heard from someone else?

When I was a missionary and teacher with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), I learned to look for God in every area of life, not just the traditional “religious” activities. When I moved to Middle Tennessee I continued teaching classes about applying Kingdom principles to their lives.

Then I started keeping bees…

My Books

Life Lessons from a Rescue Dog

This book gives us entertaining dog stories any dog-lover can relate to while challenging us to live our lives using Biblical principles.

Life Lessons from the Hive

This book takes us safely into the world of the honey bee, a world that is spectacular, magnificent, and direct evidence of an almighty God.

Recent Blog Posts

Exclusive Sneak Preview

Because you're a loyal follower, I'm sending you a sneak preview of Life Lessons from a Rescue Dog. Enjoy the read. Life Lessons from a Rescue Dog  Chapter 1 Coming Home “The gift which I am sending you is called a dog, and is in fact the most precious and valuable...

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Dog-Lovers Treasure

Don't miss out!  Life Lessons from a Rescue Dog is now available for purchase on Amazon. Who knew our faithful four-footed friends could teach us about the Kingdom of God? Meet Simon and God on the pages of Life Lessons from a Rescue Dog. You’ll laugh and cry through...

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Bees in College?

This Friday we had everything about bees in the classroom--everything, that is, except the bees! Because of my book, Life Lessons from the Hive, I was invited to Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin to give a lecture on bees and beekeeping. It's been longer...

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