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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Bees don’t celebrate Christmas. They don’t exchange gifts or decorate a tree, but beekeepers do — at least this one does. I love every part of the season: twinkling lights, pine-smelling wreaths, feasts, trees, jolly old elves, red ribbons, carols and gifts. Most of all, I love the Christmas story where wealthy wise men and poor shepherds put aside their differences and their agendas to focus on God.

So, eat lots of good food, shake packages, visit friends, sing songs, fill the living room with crumpled wrapping paper, drink some egg nog, read the Christmas story and laugh a lot. Enjoy the day … then take a nap.


May the joy of this season settle in your heart and continue to shine through your life in the coming year.    Merry Christmas!


M. J. Miller has served as a missionary and teacher both internationally in Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and locally in conferences, lectures and study groups. She is also a beekeeper and incorporates her experiences with the bees into her teaching, and now her book, Life Lessons from the Hive. She currently resides in Tennessee. Visit my website:

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