Okay, we’re less than two weeks into 2018. But honestly, once all the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are over and the brightly colored decorations are put away, I dread the cold dismal days of January and February looming ahead. Aren’t you already longing for spring?  I am.

As I look outside over the icy ground, it’s quiet. The bees are snuggled all warm in their beds waiting for spring. If only I could only snuggle down like them and wait for warmer weather — sigh.

Actually, I can. This is a great time to settle in with a cup of warm cocoa and a good book. How about Life Lessons from the Hive?  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the plug.)

Winter is a season designed by God. So let’s not waste it. Instead of grumbling about the cold, thank God for a warm house. Instead of complaining about slush on the roads, be grateful for a car. Instead of moaning about the short days, take advantage of the early evenings to enjoy the family — or, again, a good book.

Don’t spend your days longing for what you don’t have. Look for the good in this season and remember, God promises the cold won’t last forever. Even the queen bee, sensing  the days are already getting longer, will begin laying a few eggs soon and the work of raising baby bees will begin.

Just as the sun is beginning to peek out over the horizon, spring will come. In the meantime, let’s look for the beauty and blessings in this season and start 2018 with a thankful heart.