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Let’s not miss the point of the manger.

Jesus’ first coming was mankind’s only chance for reconciliation with God.

Coming as a man with a demonstration of the Kingdom, Jesus brought an absurd solution to eternal separation from God:  Himself.

Jesus offered Himself as a sacrificial Lamb to pay the debt we owed. He came voluntarily and shed His blood as a substitutionary offering in order for us to be reconciled to His Father.

There’s no way we can earn our way into God’s graces. We can only approach the Throne through our legal representative, our advocate, Jesus. He is the One Who shed His blood for ours, Who took on our sins so we could be sinless, Who suffered our infirmities so we could be healed, Who forgave us so we could be forgiven, Who died so we could have eternal life.

Accepting that Jesus, the Son of God, died for us is our only chance–and it’s our choice.

The first time Jesus came as a baby and a sacrificial Lamb to restore us .

The next time Jesus appears on the earth, He will come as a full grown Man, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

On that glorious day without warning He will pierce the clouds riding in on a white horse like a bolt of lightning with all His splendor and majesty restored. He will come with trumpets and fanfare and all the power and authority of Almighty God, and every knee will bow to Him. He will appear in a flash and sweep across the earth destroying evil with the breath of His mouth. We will see Him as the King and Conquerer He truly is.

When He comes the second time there will be no compromise, no excuses, no time to change your mind, no blaming others and no more baby talk.

So let’s not squander away the time we have.

In this moment we can still embrace the Jesus Who introduces Himself to us in a stable at Christmas. As we gather this Christmas, let’s pause a moment and think about The Gift God gave us over 2000 years ago.

Let’s not miss the opportunity to approach the manger and get to know this marvelous Savior. He will change your life. Please don’t ignore His invitation.

Because rest assured …

He will come again!