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Bees … Bees … Bees! That was the buzz you heard at the Tullahoma Community Center Wednesday. I had been asked to be the first speaker of the year at the Parks and Recreation Event, Lunch and Learn. The topic … bees.

As I mention in my book, Life Lessons from the Hive, honey bees are critical to the quality of our survival. Without them we would lose about 75% of our food source within three years. We might not starve, but dull dinners would be our daily diet.

You can see I had a great time demonstrating the “ins and outs” of working with bees. They are a fascinating part of creation and can teach us some powerful lessons about the Kingdom of God and our Creator. While I explain the inner workings of a hive, I also make the connection that all creation testifies to the glory of the Lord.

I learned a lot about my bees from simply sitting with them and observing. The same is true of our Heavenly Father. If we will take the time to spend a few moments with Him, He will always pull up a chair and sit beside us. When He does, just listen.