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Pass It On

Bees on book 3

Suki and I spent last week in St Louis at the Heartland Apicultural Society Annual Conference (HAS). In other words, we buzzed around with fellow beekeepers learning about and, naturally, talking about bees. HAS hosted many excellent speakers as well as wonderful hands-on workshops on the beautiful campus of Washington University. Imagine the fun of learning something new and getting to play with bees at the same time!

HAS booth

I heard the attendance for the conference was around 700 and I think I talked to over 500 attendees. I was there to promote my book, Life Lessons from the Hive, but we also had a few God-appointments too.

Suki and I prayed for healing for a man who was having back surgery, talked to a lady about forgiveness, and heard God stories and miracle stories from many wonderful folks. We also shared a few of our own stories with some new friends for the three-day conference. AND, we sold some books.

Actually, we hit a milestone. I’ve sold over 1000 books to date, so I’m celebrating! That means over 1000 people are learning how fascinating honey bees are and how critical they are to our survival. AND over 1000 people are reading the gospel. I think that’s cause for celebration.

But I won’t be celebrating for long. I’m working on another book and looking forward to the next milestone — 2000 copies of Life Lessons from the Hive. Won’t you join me in the fun? Share this post, invite a friend to buy the book or give your book to someone else. It’s an easy way to spread the gospel!


M. J. Miller has served as a missionary and teacher both internationally in Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and locally in conferences, lectures and study groups. She is also a beekeeper and incorporates her experiences with the bees into her teaching, and now her book, Life Lessons from the Hive. She currently resides in Tennessee. Visit my website:

One thought on “Pass It On

  1. Congratulations 🎈
    On your book and spreading
    The Good News of the gospel
    With lots of 🐝lovers and those
    Future to be 🐝lovers
    The world need more gospel and more lovely
    Honey 🍯
    God Bless !
    Mari-Carmen Schneider ♥️


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